Our Big Trip



On the 25th January 2013 we will be heading on our biggest trip yet. We will begin our adventure in New Delhi India and make our way through Jaipur, Agra, Orchha, and Varanasi on an overland journey to Nepal. In Nepal we will visit the Chitwan National park and Pokhora where we will do some trekking in the Annupurna region and a spot of mountain biking for George! Our journey in Nepal ends in Kathmandu where we can absorb the views of the epic Himalayas and catch our flight to Thailand. In Thailand we will spend a few days sunning it up on the stunning Railay beach before crossing the border into Malaysia where we will visit Langkawi, Panang, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur and take a flight to Yogykarta, Indonesia. We will make our way through Indonesia visiting Mount Bromo, Lombok and The Gili Islands ending our journey in Bali. Stay tuned for photos and our travel stories on our blog!

21 thoughts on “Our Big Trip

  1. hi rachel and george wishing you both a fabulous time look forward to hearing from you during this special journey love aunty bev xx

  2. Have a fantastic time , don’t you dare get too brown otherwise i wont be running with you when you get back ! Stay safe and have fun


      1. Well it monday morning and back at work . The weather on Friday / Saturday brought half of the country to a stand still so nothing new there ! The rain has washed it all away but now parts of the country will get flooded , same old story …cold , wet and miserable . OMG , the monkeys looks harder than the residents haha.Hope your hotel wasnt any of the buildings in the first picture ! Ive cancelled my gym membership so im flying solo until you get back .I gave Aimie your blog details , she will be so jealous xx

      2. Thanks mart, it’s nice to be reminded of the lovely weather back home. I can’t believe you gave up the gym! That’s serious for u. Ill need a lot of runs to burn off all these curries when I’m back! See you soon xxx

  3. Hi Rachel and George, hope you had a good flight and sleep, i’ll text you soon have a brill time xx
    mum and dad

  4. Thank god its the weekend ! We have actually had a bit of sunshine today (yippeeeee) It didnt last long but it gave me that feel good factor for ten minutes. Having a new floor laid in the lounge and hall way this weekend so thats about as exciting as it gets ! I’m loving the pictures so keep them coming . Have a great weekend , stay safe xxxx

  5. Hi Guys , well its fair to say you’ve made me cry ! I opened the blogs this morning and was met by the most magnificant , beautiful creature , how amazing to actually see a wild cat , youve made my day . I was laughing with your Mum when i saw the crowded streets , glad i dont live there because we;’d never get to run haha ! It sounds like your having the most fantastic experience and its only just started . Were getting snow again on Sunday so i am hibernating .Have fun and stay safe xxx

    1. I’m glad you liked the pic, it was an amazing site. Yep don’t think we could walk let alone run on that street. I can’t believe there’s more snow! Hope the bad weather is over soon xxx

  6. Its Valentines day ! Hopefully George has found a petrol station to get you some flowers and the box of Milk Tray he sneaked in his ruck sack has,nt melted , been eaten by wild animals or drown haha , hope its a romantic day for you whatever you are doing . It snowed again yesterday but its melted but still really really cold , i’d like to say ive seen some tropical animals myself but the wild experince i get is the drive to work being chased over Centenary bridge by a BMW driver or a white van man but we do have plenty of rats in Trafford park ! Hope you are enjoying yourselves , stay safe xxxxx

    1. Hi Mart,
      Yeah it’s been a good one thanks! Started our last day trekking with a morning view of Annapurna South – although it was a bit chilly! Back in Pokhara now, having a romantic tea probably Dal Baht (Nepali Curry, rice, pickle and popadoms) and a sneaky rum& coke! We’ve organised a couple of days staying in the village our porter(&guide) live in, so that’s us going back to basics but hey people are really happy here so can’t be too bad. Really nice to hear from you and glad your liking the blog, not sure if anyone else at Pyramid (except Ruth) has had a look but I hope so. Love George x

      1. Hi Guys , what lovely generous people your were staying with , i bet you both felt like royalty ! Would’nt have minded a video of George doing a dance haha . Some of those elderly villagers must put you to shame with their way of life , such a simple but in many ways a hard life it was fasinating to read about them and such a stark contrast from the mountain snow pictures . Well were still freezing here , the sun came out for a couple of days last week and everyone thought summer had arrived but its freezing again now so im counting the days until i can say its March ! The lads ( Andrew , Alf , Chris and Dan ) went to Dublin at weekend on a Stagdo so we all went into Manchester Saturday afternoon then back to ours , had a great time catching up with the girls .You both look like your having ball so keep it up , stay safe .xxxx

      2. Thanks Mart, they were lovely people – all wanted the ‘goras’ (white people) to eat with them in their homes and the portion sizes were huge! They also wanted us to try their homemade wine Roksie which tasted a bit like straight aniseed vodka – It was hard to say no. Glad you had a nice evening with the girls, was lozzy there? Not sure if she’s seen the blog but think she would like it. Sorry to hear about the miserable weather hopefully it will pick up soon xxx

      3. Hi partner , Yeah LOzzy was there , she is still loved up so hopefully it wont be long before the next Hen weekend is planned ! haha, Michelles wedding is two weeks on Saturday so the family will get to meet Rich properly . xxx

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