Following a few days of recovery from trekking and some time to heal George’s dodgy stomach we were feeling ready to take on Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu. A 6 hour bus journey took us to Thamel the backpacker area of Kathmandu where we were once again greeted by our good friend Min who chaperoned us […]

Dubung Village

After a 6 day trek in the Annapurna range we headed to Dubung village, located in the Tanahu district approximately a 7 hour journey from Pokhara and where our guide Min grew up and his brother Jamie and most of his family still live. The journey started an hour or so outside Pokhara where we […]

Trekking the Himalayas

After a couple of days absorbing the views from our lakeside hotel it was time to get a little closer to the Himalayan mountains. On the first evening of our expedition we were greeted by our friendly guide ‘Min Thapa’ from Mongolian Trekking and his brother, our porter ‘Jamie’. The adventure begun in Nayapul with […]

Pokhara & The Annapurna

Our tour with The G-Adventures group ended in The Nepalese lakeside town Pokhara… We were sad to say goodbye to our new friends and amazing guide Raj but looking forward to experiencing the beautiful views of the Himalayan Annapurna range. In Pokhara we visited the world peace stupa that overlooks the lakeside valley, and hired […]

Chitwan National Park

After a long stretch of Indian cities it felt good to breath in the fresh air of the Nepalese jungle and nature reserve – Chitwan National Park. Our stunning safari lodges Sapana Village are located centrally in the park – surrounded by views of the reserve, hazy mountain peaks and the animals of the jungle. […]

Varanasi – The Ganges

Twelve hours later the quaint town of Orchha seemed a distant memory as our overnight train arrived at our craziest destination yet “Varanasi”. According to the Hindu religion this is the holiest and oldest living city in the world. Most pass through this surreal city on Pilgrimage or to get freedom from the cycle of […]