Dubung Village


After a 6 day trek in the Annapurna range we headed to Dubung village, located in the Tanahu district approximately a 7 hour journey from Pokhara and where our guide Min grew up and his brother Jamie and most of his family still live. The journey started an hour or so outside Pokhara where we swapped our taxi for a Jeep (to tackle what felt like one of the worlds most dangerous roads) followed by a 900mtr trek to reach the village up on the hill tops at around 1400mtr.

After our jeep ride just before our trek started we had the pleasure of meeting Mins mother, who at the age of 81 still makes this walk barefoot every couple of weeks. She also walks a 7 day round trip to Pokhara barefoot every three months to collect her pension as she refuses to go be car or bus… Incredible.

On arrival we were greeted by a very warm welcome from the Thapa family and everyone at the Village. This village rarely if ever comes in to contact with westerners – we instantly became the centre of attention. In the evening we were welcomed into the homes of the villagers for some very tasty Dhal Bhat – the staple dish for Nepalese people usually consisting of steamed rice, lentil soup (dhal), veg curry and pickle, we were however honoured to be served up a local chicken killed for us only two hours earlier. Food was accompanied by Raksi Wine a traditional home made Nepalese/Tibetan alcoholic drink. After food we were entertained by a local dancing group who performed a traditional village dance called Maruni. We spent our days in the village getting to know the lovely people (who all wanted us over for food, black tea and raksi) and visiting a local school whom we hope to help in the future. This was a unique experience, we felt very privileged to learn about this stunning village and it’s generous people who made us feel welcomed into their homes.

The Journey – our jeep, the rickety bridge and one of villagers carrying an elderly lady back up this steep hill.

Jamie and Min.

A warm welcome at Dubung Village

A proud ex Gurkha solider outside his home, many of the young male villagers here aspire to be in the Gurkha army.

Our bedroom in a traditional village home

Village children inc. Jamie’s very cute grandson.

DHAL BHAT and village women making Raksi

They were not happy if we didn’t join in the Maruni dance!

The local school

Min’s mum

8 thoughts on “Dubung Village

  1. Hi Rachel

    Sounds fantastic that bridge didn’t look to good , how olds min if his mum is 81 Where are you off too now and which country Chris McGuigan has asked for another two weeks holiday unpaid I think he will end up staying there he’s with his dad

    Keep the updates coming


    Sent from my iPhone

    Best regards

    Dennis morgan

    1. Hi Dad,
      Min is in his 40’s, he has a wife and 3 children who are fascinated with the Uk. We’re off to Thailand the day after tomorrow, can’t wait now for some time on the beach. Glad you’ve heard from Guig, sounds like he will stay. George says he hopes that everything is well at work – I know a lot of his customers have been following the blog.
      I will Skype you tomorrow.
      Lots of Love
      Rachel Xxx

  2. I get a sense of just how far away you are, how different their lives are to ours, you guys must be so happy to be having all those amazing experiences. Brilliant Debbie

    1. Thanks Debbie, it really was in the middle of nowhere. I’ve become something of an expert on tea whilst travelling so will have to get together when I get back for some chai. Hope all is well with u x

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