Railay Beach


What more can we say except for another beautiful beach located a short bus and ferry journey from Krabi town, the south-west coast of Thailand. The hotel we were staying at was pre-booked before we left the UK so we knew we would have a little bit of luxury when we arrived, and didn’t have to hunt round for somewhere half descent to stay. Railay beach was just as you would imagine – picture perfect, lush limestone cliffs and small islands extruding from the sea surrounded by white sandy beach’s (it was especially nice in the early mornings before the crowds of tourists and backpackers were awake!). After a hard day off enjoying the sun and absorbing the lush surroundings of Railay West we took a boat out to visit some of the local islands and snorkelling spots. At the sun set our boat anchored up a mile off-shore where we waited for dark. When the sky was black we jumped into the dark moonless ocean looking at planctum glow in the water as we swam by.

Railay Beach early morning paradise

Limestone rock formations

Sunset south west Thailand

Beautiful sunset

Koh Chang


We waved goodbye to Nepal at Kathmandu International Airport. With a farewell scarf and bag of various fruits from Min and his family we took flight to a familiar destination Thailand (via Delhi) where we hoped to recuperate for a few days before the rest of our trip.

We took a taxi to the Khao San Road the backpackers area where we managed to find a cheap bed for the night before heading to Koh Chang, one of the islands east of Bangkok. The familiar taste of street pad Thai and Chang beer was nice on the stomach after a long days travelling but unfortunately Khao San Road a location in which we had visited in the past and found to be a little touristy felt more like an 18-30 resort in Greece! We were eager to leave so quickly got our heads down and tried to block out the sound of Thai Karaoke.

The next day we headed to Ko Chang Island first by bus to Trat, then a ferry ride to the island. The trip was supposed to take 4-5 hours max but after a suspected break down, a one hour wait for another bus to join us and a long wait at the ferry port the Thai travel time was more like 9 hours!

Koh Chang definitely made up for the long journey! The ‘Nature Resort’ on Lonely Beach where we had managed to find a nice fan bungalow for just 600thb was surrounded lush green jungle, hammocks and white sand beaches, this was definitely one of the most beautiful islands we had ever visited. We quickly relaxed in the sun with a shrimp panang curry and a bottle of singha.

For the next two days we relaxed on the beach and hired mopeds to explore the island – this was really enjoyable as it gave us the freedom to discover more remote beaches and locations on the island. One of the places we stopped was Ban Thai a fishing village where we had the probably the best seafood we have ever tasted and even better it was marinated in delicious Thai spices. We also managed to visit an elephant sanctuary where we took turns to feed the elephant s fruits.

We only stayed in Koh Chang for 3 days but found the island to be very lush, with stunning beaches and delicious, authentic Thai food. We are now feeling relaxed as we prepare to head to or next destination Krabi where we will cross the border into Malaysia.

Lonely Beach, Koh Chang, Thailand.

Nature Resort Lonely Beach & George on the moped!

You haven’t been to Thailand if you ate in the hotel – find the most rustic, Thai style beach shack and you will get the best Thai food. Amazing seafood at the fishing village and our beach hut.