Railay Beach


What more can we say except for another beautiful beach located a short bus and ferry journey from Krabi town, the south-west coast of Thailand. The hotel we were staying at was pre-booked before we left the UK so we knew we would have a little bit of luxury when we arrived, and didn’t have to hunt round for somewhere half descent to stay. Railay beach was just as you would imagine – picture perfect, lush limestone cliffs and small islands extruding from the sea surrounded by white sandy beach’s (it was especially nice in the early mornings before the crowds of tourists and backpackers were awake!). After a hard day off enjoying the sun and absorbing the lush surroundings of Railay West we took a boat out to visit some of the local islands and snorkelling spots. At the sun set our boat anchored up a mile off-shore where we waited for dark. When the sky was black we jumped into the dark moonless ocean looking at planctum glow in the water as we swam by.

Railay Beach early morning paradise

Limestone rock formations

Sunset south west Thailand

Beautiful sunset

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