Langkawi Malaysia


As we crossed the border from Thailand into Langkawi we were welcomed with big smiles. Unlike the now tourist dominated Thailand this was a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere where we instantly felt at ease.

Langkawi is more westernised than most of Asia but doesn’t feel near as touristy, the population is small and poverty doesn’t seem to be an issue here. It’s very green and is surrounded by beautiful beaches, the island is volcanic in places and has one of the worlds only salt water hot springs. The people in Malaysia are some of the friendliest and most genuine we have met, from the moment we stepped foot in our cab to our guest-house ‘Tropical Resort’ they couldn’t do enough for us.

There are many different cultures and religions in Malaysia that live and work together, the most common is Muslim, however, there is still many Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs, Christians and various other religious groups. The diverse population in Malaysia makes the food here a real treat. A mish-mash of southern Indian tandoori dishes, Thai food, Chinese and Japanese food all with a spicy kick sent us to food heaven!

We spent a lot of time exploring the island on mopeds regularly stopping for fresh juice drinks and culinary delights, although there wasn’t much to do here there was a very nice vibe about the place that we liked. On Our last night we went out with an English couple we had met on the boat over ‘Frank and Laura’, who helped us take advantage of the islands duty free alcohol. Whilst sharing a bottle of rum outside their hostel we shared some travel stories, fussed the local cats and even managed to watch a ladyboy show organised as a surprise birthday present for a neighbour.

Beautiful Malaysian sunset

Me and George on the beach, George very pleased with his new hat.

Views from the road in peaceful Langkawi

Red snapper red fish curry – amazing seafood for very cheap prices!

4 thoughts on “Langkawi Malaysia

  1. Amazing , totally amazing ! Well i wish i could say that im spending the weekend watching tropical sunsets , meeting friendly natives and exploring wonderous lands on a moped with the winds in my hair ………..Il be jumping my mini , rugged up because theyve forecast freezing weather ( some parts are getting snow ) off to the savage land they call Salford precient and hopefully survive meeting the natives ! Going to Zest for a curry tonight , Marks n spencer tea on Saturday then got the Mums at mine on Sunday to show how much i appreciate them . at some point i just might get some “ME ” time before heading back to the rat race on Monday . Have a great weekend .Stay safe xxxxx

    1. Haha… This really made me laugh. I’m sure you will meet some natives on Salford precinct and who needs sunsets when you have arctic weather. Don’t worry worry we will get more adventurous with our running paths when I get back. Thanks for the reminder about Mother’s Day, it’s mums birthday the day after so I’ve sent her a little surprise. You definitely need some me time and you really should visit Asia – it’s a long way but so cheap when you get here. I had fresh crab and huge king prawns today – fresh from the sea and it cost me less than a fiver! Fried prawn noodles is less than a pound. Anyway got to go, thanks for following us xxxx

  2. We went to the perhentian Islands and i tell u what that place is to die for in Malaysia u have to get there by boat but we stayed at abduls right on the beach every morning and night u could see beautiful sunsets and sunrises over the water in ur own room/balcony. The food there was amazing cheap as lobster which was beautifully cooked on the bbq with all u can eat salads and fish. We never made it to Langkawi but there is always cheap flights from australia to kL cant wait to explore more… As u can see im updating on all ur blogs lol fantastic

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