3 thoughts on “The Overnight Train

  1. Just been showing nana and grandad your blog on my phone, they love them had grandad telling me all sorts of random stuff about the places you have been! Think the enjoyed looking at them and reading everything you had wrote, they loved that you rang despite them going on about how much it could be costing you. Your photos are really good looks like your having a great time. Enjoy the rest of it.

    They only saw up to here though but of just missed the new ones will show them soon if nobody else does

  2. Not sure if my last comment worked so I will try again, sorry if it did

    Just been to nana and grandads and shown them the blog on my phone. They love your photos and I had grandad telling me really random facts about the places you have been. They had a good read and look at them all up to this point as I must of just missed the update but will show them at some point if no else does. They loved that you rang them despite going on ow much it would of cost you to do it lol

    Looks like your haing a great time hope the rest of it goes well too, see you soon

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