Day 1 New Delhi. We arrived in Delhi at 5am and jumped into one of the official taxi’s at Delhi airport. We drove in circles for one hour until our lost taxi driver and his friend asleep under some covers in the front seat of our cab found our 1st destination ‘Hotel Perfect’. After a good sleep in India’s most perfect hotel we explored the cities streets. It’s hard to describe it but I’ll attempt too – just imagine tuc tucs peeping, wondering pigs, dogs and goats, monkeys climbing telephone lines, the smell of spices, smog and burning popcorn, crowded streets and colourful rustic buildings.

Tuc tuc central

Don’t look in the eye of a street monkey

Delhi Red Fort

Delhi Red Fort

2 thoughts on “Delhi

  1. Well folks , yet again the snow has brought us to a stand still , it was a blizzard this morning at 6.45 ! Just when i thought the temperature had started to get a little warmer were back to goose bumps on our goose bumps ! Aimie sends her love , she’s on cloud nine because all her sweatshirts have sold out so she’s had to order more , she also has a 3 month advertisement in Front magazine .I took it to show my Mum at weekend but just let her see the page the advert was on rather than all the girls with their bits out haha . Hope your both well and loving every moment of it . Stay safe , Mart xxxx

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